Food and Wine Festival takes on Doral for another year!

The Doral Food and Wine Festival is back again for another year! Click HERE for more information.

Get your taste buds and tummies ready for an overload of delicious yummies!

Doral Food and Wine Festival

320 GastroLounge // Merrick Park

A night to remember…for my friends and I, and especially for my taste buds!

On February 8, 2017 a group of foodie friends and I were able to dine with 320 Gastrolounge as their new chef, Chef Anderson Osorio, graced us with his new menu. Continue reading 320 GastroLounge // Merrick Park

Doral Food and Wine Festival

For my first food and wine festival, not too shabby! (Who I am kidding? It was AMAZING)

Thanks to Doral Food and Wine Festival for having us, nothing could have prepared us and our tummies for this Continue reading Doral Food and Wine Festival