Killer Melts

“Foodgasm in my mouth as I enter Cheese Heaven”

Imagine biting down on a warm burger and feeling your taste buds jump and the feel and taste of cheese swirling around in your mouth…That my friends, is how you’ll feel eating from Killer Melts.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of finally trying Killer Melts. Killer Melts started as a food truck and later on grew into a restaurant in our very own Kendall area. Click here for more information on the background of Killer Melts.

Inside look of the restaurant

As we looked over the menu, there were just so many delicious options to chose from! I LOVE cheese, so this was definitely going to be a tough decision. If only I could get one of everything! While we struggled to decide what to get, the employees were more than helpful in suggesting to us what to get.

What better way to start our meal than with drinks?!


What we got:

  • Grim Reaper: two 3oz burger patties, bacon, red pepper jelly, chipotle aioli, sharp cheddar cheese, all in a toasted egg knot bun
  • Executioner Melt: bacon, whipped blue cheese, caramelized pears, KM walnut-arugula pesto, local honey, in a toasted country white bread
  • Hitman Melt: bacon, melted cheddar cheese,  macaroni and cheese, in a yummy garlic toasted country bread

The Grim Reaper burger was my FAVORITE and would definitely be back to have it again. If you ever decide to go, it is a must try!

IMG-0908And last but not least, we can’t leave without having a side of fries! We go their loaded fries (might as well go all out, right?) and we downed it, so good!

Loaded Fries: KM cheese sauce, bacon, sour cream, scallions


If you’re in the area or are in the mood for some grilled cheese sandwiches with a yummy twist, try Killer Melts!

  • 12310 SW 127TH AVE, MIAMI, FL 33186
  • Phone: (786) 592-2358
  • Operating Hours

    MONDAY              11:00am  10:00pm
    TUESDAY             11:00am  10:00pm
    WEDNESDAY      11:00am  10:00pm
    THURSDAY          11:00am  10:00pm
    FRIDAY                 11:00am  11:00pm
    SATURDAY          11:00am  11:00pm
    SUNDAY               11:00am  10:00pm
    ♥ Eat well, and always Explore the Yummies! ♥



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