BullaGastrobar// Coral Gables

Tapas, meet Nikki. And she’s so ready to gobble you all down!

Now, let me stat off by saying that I’m a little biased when it comes to Bulla Gastrobar, and that’s only because the first time I went I fell in love. So every visit after that has just reinforced my love for this place. I understand that there are so many other tapas restaurants to explore, but in my heart I know that I will always come back to this one.

With a location in Coral Gables and now as of 2016 a location in Doral, Bulla provides me with an experience that enlightens my taste buds and my soul. Starting off with their small plates, my family and I are BIG cheese and meat platter fans. Just give me a platter of that and a bottle of wine and I’m set for life!

meat and cheese platter

On to the main “small plates” we decided to get a variety of dishes to share and I’m so glad we did. Every single dish left me wanting more and more till I was starting to feel that my tummy couldn’t take it anymore!

huevos bulla

So I hear their ‘Huevos Bulla’ is a very popular dish, and I can definitely see why! With this dish being priced at about $10, you definitely get your bang for your buck with this dish alone (I was so tempted to order another serving)! Eggs, homemade potato chips, Serrano ham, potato foam, and truffle oil make this wonderful dish. To view their full menu, click here!

  • Rillette de Salmon: Albariño poached salmon, spring onion, cornichon, toast
  • Coca de Rabo: Oxtail flatbread, Mahón, grilled green onions, truffle oil

Naturally, we ordered more tapas, as if four already wasn’t enough. Our server suggested that we get the Tartar de Atún, so of course we did. It consists of Ahi tuna, mango,


avocado, soy sesame vinaigrette, Sriracha aioli…can you say YUM?? Every tapa we’ve gotten so far was just pure perfection, and I crave more as close down with every bite!


By far my favorite thing so far on the menu, is their IMG_3470Ensalada de Pulpo. Heirloom tomatoes, grilled octopus, cucumber, I mean come on! A very refreshing taste, and a perfectly seasoned octopus that enhances the flavors but doesn’t leave any fishy taste. Cooked perfectly to avoid any chewiness or toughness in the octopus, I was finally satisfied with this savory portion of our meal.

And finally, as we all know “there’s always room for dessert!” Our server recommended the Churros con Chocolate and OH. MY. GOSH. I’m not trying to exaggerate but these have got to be the best churros I’ve had in Miami so far. With a sweet and crispy outside the core is nowhere near dry! It’s moist and soft and (man, now I’m craving some churros!)

Churros. The B E S T.

Overall I’m sure you can say that I’ll always be looking forward to dining with BullaGastrobar, and I hope you do too!

BULLAGASTROBAR; Coral Gables, Florida. (also check out their other locations)

  • PHONE(305) 441-0107
  • EMAILinfo@bullagastrobar.com
    • Mon-Tues 12pm-10pm
    • Wed-Thu 12pm-11pm
    • Fri-Sat 12pm-12am
    • Sun 11am-10pm

Eat well and explore all the Yummies!





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