Knaus Berry Farm//Homestead, FL

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

STARTING this off by saying that I’m honestly eating a roll right now while writing this blog post hehe…let’s just say that it’s my creative inspiration for this specific post and so far it’s doing me well ^^’ yummmmmmm

The ONLY way to get me to wake up early is if you tell me that we’re taking a little drive to Homestead for some buns! So why the craze over Knaus Berry Farms’ baked goods and fruits?? BE PREPARED for a whole lot of explainin’ cause it’s worth it! Up and running by the Knaus Family since 1956, this gem actually goes all the way back to 1924 (Click here for a more in-depth history of Knaus Berry Farm).

  • Let’s start things off with the number one reason that people go to Knaus Berry Farm for: BUNS. They have a variety of baked goods, but the most famous ones that have people waiting in line for hours and hours are their Cinnamon rolls and Pecan rolls!
    Cinnamon Rolls (12ct)
    Pecan Rolls (10 ct)

    Now what makes these rolls so special? Well to start off plain and simple, their taste! The soft buns but slightly crispy on the outside from the sugar give these buns an addicting taste that leaves you eating bun after bun! (I dare you to eat just one) Baked fresh daily, you know you’ll get warm rolls that you can pop into your mouth right when you get it!

  • Pricing. Now, maybe it’s cause they’re a farm and everything is local but I’m not complaining! Cinnamon rolls are $1 each, for half a dozen it’s $5.25, and for a box of a dozen is $9.75 so that’s a pretty good steal! Their vegetables are all fresh and pricing depends and varies, so they suggest you to contact them before you go. With prices like these, no wonder people buy boxes on boxes of this stuff (yes, myself included)!
  • Tips before heading to Knaus Berry Farm! Click here for complete pricing of all their goods.
    • If you’re the type of person that doesn’t feel like an hour or more is worth it for these buns, GO EARLY! They open at 8AM, but I can assure you that there’ll be a line well before 8. And arriving early is only going to benefit you especially since parking in front of the farm is limited.
    • Bring cash! Their farm store only accepts cash, no credit or debit cards. This might be a helpful tip before you go…you don’t wanna be that ONE person that waits around two hours for some fresh, out of the oven buns to find out that all your efforts have been a waste! I suggest you look over the menu  and figure out which goods and how much you’re planning on getting and total the price of what you’re planning on buying.
  • Now I know I’ve been talking a little too much about these buns (and rightly so), but let’s not forget that their menu extends well beyond these rolls! Often overlooked, Knaus Berry also makes and sells bread, cheesecake, milkshakes, and pie! (Among other things) and they are just as deserving of recognition as any of the other menu items that Knaus Berry offers.
  • One of the best things (at least for me) is the fact that they are seasonal. Every year they close for the summer leaving a gap in the Knaus Berry world as well as our tummies. This is actually quite great because it gives us more excitement for the months that they actually are open. Imagine it being open the entire year, and having the opportunity to buy them throughout the year…the excitement of waiting for it to open goes away and so easily could it be taken advantage of.
    (However, if Knaus Berry was open year in ad year out, you’d quite possibly find me waiting in that line about every month!)
Overview of Cinnamon rolls and Pecan rolls

Whether you’re from out-of-town or a fellow local, you can’t deny the certain type of charm that Knaus Berry has on us! Their passion and the taste that they put into each item they sell is evident…as seen by the ridiculously long lines! It’s only been open for a little over a week, and we can still see that it will not easily fade. Open until mid-April, there’s no other place you should be right now than in line waiting for the ultimate cure for your sweet tooth, snack craving, or just plain desire for these one of a kind treats.

Do enjoy, and always always explore the Yummies!

Knaus Berry Farm

  • 15980 SW 248 Street
  • Homestead, FL 33031
  • 305.247.0668



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