Hello my lovely foodies! Just a small update on what’s been going on!

So, as you all notice, I’ve been on a break from writing blog posts about restaurant and foodie places that I’ve been to (more like I haven’t had the time, huhuhu). I realize a number of things that took over and prevented me from consistently blogging, which I hope to change! I hadn’t planed on taking a break, but I guess time just caught up with me and it just happened…

  • Time.
    • For those who are wondering what in the world this has to do with it, rest assured time is pretty much 80% of the reason I haven’t been able to keep up with my blog :/ Sooo, to all two of you the follow up with me, I apologize for not being as active with this website as I originally intended. I told myself that I would be more active and consistent with writing blogs (yes, mostly on food). School is also taking time away from that and other obligations. Time goes by so fast that I don’t even realize that my Mondays have turned into Fridays and it’a already the weekend! Yikes!
  • Content.
    • I want to make sure that I don’t start (or get into any habit) of just posting some pictures from my foodie-ventures, type like two sentences and call it a blog post. I want to make sure I take my time in telling you all what each place has that I liked, dislike, you get my drift. Just posting a couple pictures and writing about a sentence or two, I think, would be better if done on Instagram.
  • Just plain procrastination!
    • Yes, yes, I know probably the worst excuse I could use but it’s true! Sometimes I plan to write a blog about a restaurant I visited and I get home and I end up so tired that I tell myself “Okay, I’ll write it tomorrow”. Then tomorrow comes and I end up being busy and next thing you know I’ve gone to about three more restaurants and I haven’t blogged about any! I know I know, there’s no excuse for it! Which is why I promised myself I would be more consistent, I’ll do my best!

So that’s basically what’s been on my mind in terms of not being able to post so frequently. I find that in the next coming weeks I shouldn’t be as busy so I should find time to write more often!

Thank you for taking your time to join me, and don’t forget to eat well and always explore the Yummies! Check out my Instagram, or email me if you’d like!



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Miami based foodblogger, excited to show you all the food I've encountered and devoured :) Join me on this wonderful and delicious journey on my way to Explore the Yummies!

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