Morgans // Wynwood-Miami, FL

Brunch does a thing to me, just mention that one word, six letters and you K N O W I’ll be rushing on over. There’s something about brunch that can get my knees all weak (well, any food to be quite frank).


  • BUNS; have you tried their house made sticky buns? No? Might I say these large sweet buns are made with love (you can taste it), one is definitely a good size for one person if you’re getting more food…although, trust me, you’ll want to gobble down more of these yummies down!

    House made sticky buns that have got me WEAK


  • Renting! Have an event or just want to have their food truck at your fingertips? Their food truck make “made-to-order” wood-fired, hand-made, Italian pizza. Visit the Morgans website for more details on how to rent! Or e-mail for any more questions.


  • Unique setup. In this house-like restaurant, Morgans take two two best things you could ask for! A one of a kind brunch i the comfort of your own home! (Well, at least something similar to it). We were seated on the second floor in a room that was set up with some tables and comfy seating that offered a relaxing environment but still provided us with a meal that makes me want to come back for more (stay tuned another blogpost coming up cause ya home girl is going there in less than two weeks for my birthday brunch hehe)


  • Not just brunch! I can only give my experience on brunch, but they do have a full menu for other times of the day! (Click HERE for full menu). When I do go for lunch, I’ll be sure to let you all know how it is, or check it out and let me know how it is!


  • Cheese boards.
Morgans’ take on cheese boards that pair very well together


  • Heaping pile of toast. French toast to be exact. I shall let this picture do the explaining for me…♥
    Fruity french toast with a scoop of chocolate butter

    I guess you can guess what I’ve been trying to get at. When in doubt…

Brunch at Morgans.

♥ Explore the Yummies


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