320 GastroLounge // Merrick Park

A night to remember…for my friends and I, and especially for my taste buds!

On February 8, 2017 a group of foodie friends and I were able to dine with 320 Gastrolounge as their new chef, Chef Anderson Osorio, graced us with his new menu.

Being a part of FoodieTribe I’m able to (alongside other food bloggers), try different places and to my surprise they’re located in areas that I pass by on a regular basis but never get the chance to check out.

(Bear with the pictures, the lighting is not the best, but the food was delicious!)

Located in the first floor of the Village of Merrick Park, my friend who is also a blogger, Nessa (doesitcomewithbacon) make our way to the restaurant. With a lounge-type dim lighted setting we walk into the restaurant. Now, as a food blogger I love restaurants that have great lighting for food pictures, and this place didn’t have as much lighting. Granted, it gave way to the ambiance of the restaurant, so I’m not completely knocking it off. Playing remixes of throwbacks and today’s hits, we all were definitely dancing to the music as we were eating.

Now let’s get right to the food! As we were seated, we were greeted with friendly staff members and they immediately attended to us. Looking over the menu, I’m not going to lie, I was super excited to try all the dishes. They have a tapas style menu, where you get a bunch of different things on the menu to share among the table.

Moving on to the food, the appetizers were my favorite part of the menu (not discounting the entree menu though!)

“Hamachi Tiradito (left) and Tuna Tartar (right)”
Closeup of the Hamachi Tiradito, so delicious!

Hamachi Tiradito: White soy, truffle oil, aji amarillo, Asian pear.

Tuna Tartar: Big eye tuna, shiso, wasabi ponzu, crispy wonton.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Crispy Tacu Tacu: Spicy tuna, scallion, tobanjan aioli.

320 Octopus: Umeboshi, aji amarillo, shiso vinaigrette.

Short Ribs Bao Buns: Steam or fried buns, aka miso, tobanjan aioli.

Peking Duck, Braised Oxtail Seco, Branzino Sudado, Miso Seabass ♥

Strongly suggest trying 320 GastroLounge out! Their new menu is simply delicious and I would definitely come back, especially for their appetizers.

Enjoy, and always be sure to Explore the Yummies!

♥ ExploreTheYummies


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