Doral Food and Wine Festival

For my first food and wine festival, not too shabby! (Who I am kidding? It was AMAZING)

Thanks to Doral Food and Wine Festival for having us, nothing could have prepared us and our tummies for this lovely and fulfilling food experience (seeing as our tummies were quite full by the end of the night)!

Before I get into all the delicious Yummies we got to try out here’s a little background on Doral’s Food and Wine Festival. Located in Downtown Doral Park and although this was their first year hosting a food and wine festival it’s definitely not one to be taken lightly! With well over 50+ food and wine stations you’re bound to get exactly what you came for and possibly more! Supporting some local vendors and incorporating local and international flavors, our taste buds were definitely satisfied!

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the main reason you even bothered to read this, FOOD AND WINE.

Started off the event with my foodie friend Nessa (DoesItComeWithBacon) and we were excited to get our hungry bellies stuffed! Walking in, we got our media press passes (not gonna lie, it felt pretty official haha) and met up with another of our foodie friends, Julia (SaltyGrounds) and alas we started to make our way towards the food area.

View of the food tents with @saltygrounds and @doesitcomewithbacon

As we made our way down the tents, first up was KonaGrill. Being greeted by their friendly tent staff, we feast our eyes upon two different food samples. First up was their chicken jambalaya, and of course like any jambalaya it had the right amount of spice. We were then handed a small tray with two pieces of sushi that were also quite delicious.

Moving along we step aside to enjoy our jambalaya and sushi, when all of a sudden someone comes to us from Bonsai 8th Street and starts to pour a drink into our glasses. Now, I never got to ask what this drink was called but let me tell you, it was delicious! With a hint of peach in it and the consistency of a smoothie, alcoholic drinks like this are dangerous! So we gobble up our sushi from Kona Grill to make room in our hands for all these incoming Yummies! Just as I finish the sushi and start to put the drink to my mouth, David comes again with a different drink this time! Pouring his very own concoction in cups he offers us a pineapple sake that he makes himself! And once again, it didn’t fail. David makes his way back to their tent and like a full service standing restaurant he comes walking towards us bearing a mini cups with a pieces of sushi in it, that, NOT to my surprise tasted amazing.

On to the next food tent! Next up we have Wynwood Kitchen & Bar a place I have been dying to go and try! After this tasting, I just might go ASAP!

Biting into one of these was like an explosion of flavors, and the meat cooked well. Between their friendly staff and delicious food, I am definitely looking forward to driving to Wynwood just for this Yummy!

On to the next one! Another eatery that is located in the recently remodeled Dolphin Mall strip, we make our way towards CaboFlats! With a salsa dip that wsa to die for and a margarita (let’s be real, I’m a sucker for a good margarita) that complements the chip and sip so well I later on during the night came back for another one!

Tine to go to the next tent! CinéBistro. Okay, so I’ve always been skeptical about this place. located on the second floor of Dolphin near Cobb Movie theatre, I didn’t know what kind of food they’d serve there…now I do, and now I’m actually lookign forward to going and trying it out! Now, this tent has go to be one of my favorites of the night and you’ll see why…First thing to try was their tuna tartare on a fried shell, and bless their souls they served a wagyu beef slider! Hands down one of the best things I ate last night.

Moving on we met up with another one of our friends, Ysset (Fulanathefoodie), as we dove in to another food tent Cebiche Station and as a ceviche lover, this hit the spot. Definitely will be passing by for some ceviche!

Another one to add to the list of my favorites has got to be Tira D. Toss. I’ve heard of it before but havent been able to go and try it out, guess I’ll be making a little trip their soon! A fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, I can’t wait to explore this Yummy! So many flavors that tie very well together so they don’t over power one another. Definitely another 11/10.

Cachapa SpringRoll from Aaron’s Catering, so good!
Food Stations with my lovely foodie friends! From left to right: @ExploretheYummies, @doesitcomewithbacon, @saltygrounds, @fulanathefoodie
Just in case you get tired or sleepy from all the food, not to worry! They have these cute red hammocks to relax in! Featuring a happy camper ^^

Now that we’re done with the food portion, on to the drinks!  (and believe it or not, that’s not even all the food stations that were present! But like a complete glutton, I devoured some before I could take a picture). FoodBlogging 101: Always remember to take a picture of your food before you eat it!


Stops on our Spirits-tual journey at Doral Food and Wine!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Rums of Puerto Rico (Coquito)
Had a blast with my foodies! From left to right: Ysset, Julia, Megan (PhotoCreds to this beautiful lady!) , ExploretheYummies, Nessa

And that wraps up last night’s Doral Food and Wine Festival! We had such a blast eating and drinking with each other and I can’t wait for next years! Well that’s all for now, thanks for reading, and as always, dont’t forget to Explore the Yummies!

img_2664 Thank you for coming along my food aventures with me! ♥



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