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Nikki here, and one thing I can say about me is how much I love food. I hope you all enjoy feasting your eyes on these pictures as I did actually feasting on them. My hope is that you all get to see my appreciation for food even to the point of visiting some of these places ♥

“Where do you wanna eat?”

In a city such as this one, filled with never ending restaurants to choose from, it can get a bit tiring thinking of where to eat. This question is the number one question my family, friends, and I have always been stuck on. There are so many times (even to the point of arguing) we have had trouble deciding where to eat! This blog serves that very purpose, as a little helpful insight on the places in and around Miami (and other places soon)! Hopefully my attempt to give you my take and insight on these places allows you to make a decision on where you want to eat so the question of “Where do you wanna eat?” doesn’t have to be a problem anymore! Let this blog be the answer to all those hours spent deciding, wondering, and searching for the right place to eat! Allow me to explore all the yummies around for you all!

This blog is directed to all you lovely people! So please help yourself as you navigate through each blog and feel free to contact me for any suggestion, comments, or questions! It’s my pleasure to help you out; eat well and don’t forget to explore the yummies!

Thank You!! ♥

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