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“There’s no oui (we) without you and I”

Taking a little trip to Lincoln Road with a really good friend I met just this past year and so  glad to have made this friendship. This post may go beyond ‘Paul’ but let me just say that Paul was the beginning of a wonderful day and this post only encompasses a snippet of what turned out to be a great day.

Let’s go!

A car ride filled with laughs until we reach South Beach. Well, it’s South Beach, what did we expect??  Finding decent parking is pretty tough to find if you aren’t familiar with the location. It’s a good thing my friend Belle knows her way around. Luckily Belle is a frequent flier here at South Beach we were able to score some pretty decent parking quite close to our destination. As we make our way down Lincoln Road, we see it! In a far off distance we spot him! Paul is in our sights, and if I’m being honest, my heart jumped a bit (okay, maybe a lot). Immediately we go inside, grab a menu and look through the pastries and all the different kinds of food Paul serves.

Interior of Paul; delicious carbs tempting me!

Naturally, for those who don’t know Belle and I, croissants are what we LIVE for. A good croissant can turn any day into the best day ever…seriously. Just the way the outside layer is so flaky and peeling into each buttery layer exposes more buttery goodness that makes you rethink L I F E itself. Their wonderfully displayed array of French pastries make it’s way into our minds as we begin to order.

Croissants, an Apple Turnover, and a chocolate beignet to pair with our coffees

Let me tell you, this was by far the most satisfying brunch I have ever had…amazing company and delicious food. ♥

Overview of the coffee and all the pastries we got!
  • Croissant: Buttery, flaky, delish.
  • Chocolate Croissant: Buttery, Sweet, delish.
  • Apple Turnover: Crispy, sweet and tangy, delish.
  • Chocolate Beignet: Chocolately, delish, and DELISH.

While devouring our coffee and pastries, Belle and I had lovely conversation, catching up and having a blast eavesdropping on foreign conversations. Alas, we decided it was time to get up and walk along.

As the day continued to progress, with the sun beating down on us, we made our way store to store checking out all that Lincoln Road has to offer. We then ended up at a French macaron shop, Ladurée, where we await for what is said to be the best macarons in Miami (and possibly America, I guess I’ll have to go try them all out)! Minutes pass and the shop looks as if the employee took a break, which was timely seeing (and feeling) as if we were hungry. So where do we eat? Shake Shack of course! We order, sit down, eat, and leave. After a VERY filling meal (another entry just for Shake Shack to come) we make our way back to Ladurée in hopes of getting these delicious macarons. To our dismay they still happened to be closed, so we decided to come back another time. Although disappointed, I definitely left satisfied and happy with the outcome of today.

A lovely day…

IMG_6109 (2)
Driving home through Coconut Grove…

…And it all started with Paul.

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