Buns and Buns // SouthMiami

“Been here more than 5 times in the span of a year…I’m pretty sure I’m addicted”

Located across Shops at Sunset Place, Buns and Buns was love at first bite for me. My first time here I ordered the Crispy Fish Buns (which I am sad to say is no longer on their new menu. Pretty disappointing since that was my favorite menu item, but it’s a good thing they have other delicious yummies to keep me coming back)!

(The above, featured picture is their appetizer ‘Spinach Poofs’ which are balled up spinach mixed with other ingredients, fried and laid upon to rest upon a layer of Tahini and cheese).

A small yet lovely layout of their restaurant!
Prime Brisket in a Brioche Bun
Miso Asparagus, another delicious appetizer!
Crispy Fish in a Steamed Bun, so sad they don’t have this anymore!
Spicy Thai Shrimp Steamed Buns, another favorite!
Second Spicy Thai Shrimp I’ve ordered…seem to be ordering this quite often.
Short Ribs and Porcini…delicious!

Each item on the menu has so tastefully executed the balance between flavors, and I find myself craving these cute buns! Their buns come with their house made slaw that goes perfectly with the dishes, adding a refreshing taste to each bite. Some dishes come with a sauce to dip/pour on the buns, and unlike other dishes from other restaurants, the sauces go very well with each dish and does not overpower its natural flavors. I have been dying to try their latest menu item, the Yuzu Lobster, don’t worry Buns&Buns…soon! Meanwhile, do enjoy these buns, cause I loved every bite.

Click HERE to view their full lunch/dinner menu and brunch menu, and make sure to explore this yummy! When you do, let me know if your experience was as good as mine!

So glad to have explored this yummy, I know I’ll always be coming back!

♥ Explore The Yummies


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