Spring Chicken // Miami, FL

“Drowning in chicken should never be a bad thing…”

Located north on South Dixie Highway, “Spring Chicken” is a restaurant that opened in 2015 that has its own delicious take on country food. Craving chicken? This has to be one of your go-to places!

I’ve been here around four times, and each time is just as good as the last! Friendly environment, friendly people, and delicious food…can it get any better? For those who aren’t feeling chicken, they have a great selection of salads, sandwiches and sides that can cater to your non-chicken cravings.

Every item on their menu can be modified by adding any part of the chicken you want (with a few dollars extra of course)! Want an extra piece of chicken? Two extra pieces of chicken? Three? Well you got it! Regardless of how delicious their chicken is, one portion of their meals is filling enough…but it’s nice to know that you can easily add however many pieces of chicken you want.

The Garden Club with a side of Mac&Cheese

The above picture is from my first visit, and as you’ll see it was so delicious that I had to get it twice!

Pictured is The Garden Club with a chicken breast (of course), avocado, cucumber, alfalfa, tomatoes, greens, and their delicious sauce. I always love getting this (the original version doesn’t have any chicken, but you can add chicken breast if you’d like).

The Garden Club with house fries

And naturally, my second time here also consisted of me ordering The Garden club again, it’s just so yummy! The creamy-ness of the avocado with the crunchy-ness of the cucumber with the taste of the chicken is a delicious balance that allows me to enjoy every bite.

Chicken Tenders with house fries and Minty Watermelon

My third time here I decided to get something different to change it up a bit and see if it would be just as good, and to live up to my expectations, it was! Each chicken tender has a golden crunch on the outside that you can hear as you bite down. As you bite down a tender, you’re greeted with tender juicy insides that completes every expectation of a chicken tender your taste buds could ever dream of! In the words of a very good friend,”Chicken Coma” here we go.

If you’re in the area, Spring Chicken is the place to go for your chicken cravings!



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